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About IQ Exam
About IQ Exam

The IQ test or Intelligent Quotient test generally conducted in order to determine the mental abilities and qualities of a person that includes mental reasoning, problem solving, decision making and many other skills. In this regard, the purpose of taking the intelligence test is to evaluate the intellectual potential and abilities of a particular person. Here the tests are conducted mainly among the people of the same age group in order to determine the exact figure or results. So in this case if a person used to score 100 percent in an IQ test then he or she is considered to be having an average or normal intelligence level. Here one thing needs to be mentioned that the different standard IQ test used to focus on different factors while taking the test and thus the work as well as the test pattern used to vary from one test to another. Therefore, it is always advisable to take multiple IQ test in order to derive the exact result and that can be derived only after adding the scores obtained in all the tests and then calculating the average of all.

In this regard, there are many sites available in the internet that are offering free IQ test online and here by simple registration one can undertake this test from these sites. However, an accurate IQ test helps to determine many aspects of an individual such as decision-making ability, problem-solving ability and much more. Therefore many companies too used to conduct c on candidates applying for job interviews which they took as part of the recruiting process as through this test the companies usually tries to estimate the inner qualities of a candidate like decision making, problem solving, client handling etc as mentioned earlier. Here basically, four types of scales are there for Intelligence tests and they are Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Wechsler-Adult Intelligence Scale, and Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Wechsler Primary, and the Preschool Scale of Intelligence. The modern IQ tests are all derived from this scale that determines various aspects and skills of an individual.

In spite of all these positive factors, a standard IQ test too has certain advantages as well as the limitations. So coming to its advantages the first and the foremost important is that it helps to evaluate wide variety of human behaviour much better than any other evaluation module. Secondly, all these free IQ test mainly put forward questions or problems based on various factors like some test usually designed to test your common sense, thinking ability while other might focus on evaluating your decision making, reasoning as well as problem solving skills. Therefore, in this regard an accurate IQ test used to determine all these mental aspect of an individual. It is for this reason nowadays even the companies are taking this free online IQ test as part of their recruiting process. While many schools too are organizing these test in order to develop psychological aspect and skills among the students.

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