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What is IQ TEST?
What is IQ TEST?

IQ test the term epitomizes for Intelligent Quotient test is basically conducted to access your ability to think and access a particular situation or issues. Therefore, in this regard the IQ score is considered as the standard way of comparing this ability with people of the same age in particular. Here people whose IQ test has to be conducted are divided into age groups in order to understand and evaluate one’s IQ among the people who falls in the same age group. Therefore, a score of 100 in an IQ test means that you have an average intelligence among the people in your age group on which the test is conducted. In this situation most of the psychologists opines that anybody scoring in between, 95 to 100 in an IQ test are considered to have an average or normal IQ and is considered a standard IQ test score.

Well in this regard, one point has to be kept in mind that it is actually quite difficult to get an exact IQ score with 100% accuracy, as there are many outside factors that may have a negative impact on your IQ score. Say for example while giving the test if you are distracted or if you are not well then this could have a negative impact on your score. In spite of all the facilities and advantages, the IQ test too has certain limitations. It is because IQ test fails to determine certain things like manual legerdemain, musical or any artistic talent, and a slew of other abilities and qualities that may lead one individual to achieve different achievements and success in life. However, an accurate IQ test helps to determine many aspects of an individual such as decision-making ability, problem-solving ability and much more. Therefore many companies too used to conduct free online IQ test on candidates applying for job interviews which they took as part of the recruiting process as through this test the companies usually tries to estimate the inner qualities of a candidate like decision making, problem solving, client handling etc.

There are many websites have also come up that offers free online IQ test based on your age group and through which anyone can take these tests as self assessment of one’s quality. Therefore, many schools and higher educational institutes too have started taking online personality quiz contests among its students in order to assess and develop the decision-making, logical reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving qualities in students. In this regard, IQ scores are used as a prediction for educational achievement, job performance, individual behaviour, character assessment, and many other purposes. Further, standard IQ tests usually help to determine weakness and strength among kids and through its score teachers can guide parents regarding where their child needs more attention. It is for this reason many parents too are searching for the sites that offers free IQ test online in order to determine in which area their kids having more interests. Even psychologists too used to conduct an IQ test for accessing one's strength, weakness, thinking ability and suggest solution according to that.

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